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Course of Construction (COC) Insurance

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If you are managing a commercial renovation, construction, or installment project – there is no doubt you’re busy. You have deadlines to meet, materials that need to be coordinated, and schedules that need to be managed. The last thing you want is for a natural disaster or any unforeseen incident to hinder all the hard work your team has put into that project. That is why Builder’s Risk Insurance is essential.

There are plenty of risks that can wreak havoc on contractors and builders that are in the construction or renovation phase. Whether you are renovating or are about to break ground on a job, construction projects are complex with many moving pieces. And with many moving pieces, there is more opportunity for things to go wrong, such as damage caused by fires, injuries, death, theft, and even vandalism. With all the potential risks, the best way to mitigate any of these risks and to put your mind at ease for both you and your company is to obtain Course of Construction (COC) Insurance. What is Covered Under the Insurance Policy? In general, a course of construction policy helps you with any physical items involved in the building of a construction project such as materials, supplies, equipment in transport, half-built gazebos, and onsite equipment. This can include power tools, cement, tiles, aggregate and more. Let the insurance experts at Leslie Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. help you to learn more about builder’s risk insurance and safeguard what you’ve built.

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