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Vacant Land Insurance

3 Convenient ways to get you a quote:

Option 1 - Hit this link:  Request for Vacant Land Insurance Quote


Option 2 - Text a copy of your policy to: 510-962-4377

Option 3 - Email a copy of your policy to:

You may be leaving your parcel of land undeveloped for a number of reasons. Maybe one day you plan on building a summer cabin or retirement retreat, or maybe you use the land to hunt and fish. No matter what your vacant land is used for, you might want to consider insuring it against certain risks.

The Basics of Vacant Land Insurance:

• If you own your property outright, you are not required by law to buy land insurance; however, in the event of a lawsuit this coverage will be essential •If your property is financed, your lender may require land insurance • Vacant land cannot have any existing structures Let the insurance experts at Leslie Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. help you compare quotes from multiple insurance companies and gather the information you need to make an informed decision about land insurance.

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