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3 Convenient ways to get you a quote:

Option 1 - Hit this link:  Request for Tools & Equipment Ins Quote

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Add up the total value of your tools and equipment—it might surprise you. Fire or theft can wipe everything out overnight. Whether you have hand tools, power tools, electronic diagnostic equipment, cameras and lenses, or musical instruments, replacing it all at once can be very expensive.

If you have a lot of money invested in tools and business equipment, speak to one of our agents about your options for protecting these assets. Some business liability policies have coverage for business property that stays on your premises—and some don’t. Some cover theft—some don’t! We’ll help you get the insurance you need.

Does your equipment go with you to job sites or client premises? If you take your tools and expensive equipment out in the field to job sites, you need what is called an Inland Marine policy. First, let’s clear something up—this insurance has nothing to do with boats and oceans. It is an outgrowth of Marine insurance, which offered coverage to ships and their cargos starting in the late 1600s. As time went by, people wanted insurance for property traveling inland, but somehow the word marine stuck. Many contractors bring tools and construction equipment from job site to job site, and other professionals take expensive equipment with them to the client’s place of business. Theft and damage occur more easily on things being moved around. An Inland Marine policy provides coverage for this equipment whether it is at the home or office, the job site, or while moving between those places. If you have a significant investment in tools and equipment, let our experts at Leslie Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. help you protect that investment.

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