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Management Liability

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Management liability insurance, also called executive insurance, is a combination of policies that covers the many business risks faced by senior-level managers, including lawsuits and claims of discrimination, mismanagement, and fraud.

Who needs management liability insurance?

Imagine the kind of impact that an expensive lawsuit or settlement could have on your company or nonprofit. Even if you win in court, you could rack up some expensive legal bills in the process.

Management liability insurance doesn’t just protect your bottom line, it also makes it easier for you to attract talent for your management team. Nonprofits, construction and contracting businesses, and manufacturers can all experience managements risks involving high-level decision making, employee liability, or cyber security. Anyone you ask to serve as a director, manager, or officer might be reluctant to join your operation without some kind of indemnity or financial protection from their decisions. Otherwise, they could put their personal assets at risk. How much does management liability insurance cost? Factors that impact the cost of management liability insurance include: • Potential for initial public offering • Risk profile • Deductible amount Let the insurance experts at Leslie Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. assist you in finding the right insurance you need.

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