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Professional Liability

3 Convenient ways to get you a quote:

Option 1 - Hit this link:  Request for Professional Liability Quote


Option 2 - Text a copy of your policy to: 510-962-4377

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Professional Liability Insurance or PLI is a form of liability insurance necessary to help protect businesses in the service or consultant industry. A claim of negligence can be very damaging to a growing business and if the claim results in monetary damages can be catastrophic.

Professional Liability can take on different forms or names. Some of the types of coverage included are:

• Crime • Fidelity • Foreign Liability • Intellectual Property • Medical Professional • Pollution Liability In our increasingly litigious society, professional liability insurance provides not only a layer of protection against costly lawsuits, it also offers peace of mind. After all, you never know when a client might decide that your work failed to meet their expectations – and decide to sue. Let the insurance experts at Leslie Sawyer Insurance Agency, Inc. assist you in finding the right insurance you need.

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